I am full of Shradda – faith – and place all my trust in the Divine – the Guru.

It is very easy to lose faith these days; however, I know that everything is happening for the best.  I know that everything is proceeding for the highest good of every living thing in Creation.  When the inherent perfection of Creation is truly apprehended, then our lives can be understood as an outworking of this perfect order.

Although I may lose heart in moments of  great adversity, I know that it is always in these moments that the greatest spiritual growth and inner transformation will occur.

Think about your life.  Do a quick retrospective and see how much you have grown through the toughest and roughest experiences.  This IS the way the game is set up, so why not use it to your full advantage.  Then, like Arjuna on the battlefield,  you may courageously translate the most challenging occasion into the most profoundly transformative of all.

Remember, that it is only because of shraddha – faith – that you take your first step each and every morning of your life.  Shraddha is the very lifeblood of existence, especially in this Earth realm, where so much occurs in the crucible of earthly polarities which incessantly tests the state of your faith.

Perhaps it’s time to “Let Go and Let God.”

That’s it:  I let go and let Guru!


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