Thank you for visiting the DAILY SUTRA.

We are a non-denominational, truly ecumenical, spiritually oriented blog.

We hold in deep respect the spiritual wisdom of all the great religious traditions of the world.

We have the utmost reverence for all the many saints, seers, sages and siddhas throughout global history. We recognize the divinity of these high beings, and pay particular attention to those who are Self-realized.

Masters of yoga have appeared in every spiritual tradition on planet Earth since time immemorial, and we hope to reflect as accurately as possible their precise utterances and writings. We do not interpret or comment on their sacred words; we only present them to the spiritual aspirant for their consideration.

Come join us, won’t you, and walk the path back to the Divine, whose light is brilliantly radiated by the Perfected Ones – those who are forever situated in the state of the Supreme Self.


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